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New version of measurement software

On October 18, the new version 0.9.0 (thus still beta) of our muscle strength and proportion measurement software was deployed on the beta test site at the "Stadtbad" fitness and health rehabilitation sports centre in Perleberg.

This version features searching for and loading customer master data records from a remote database (having the same schema or a superset, for now) and saving them in the local database where the measurement datasets are also stored, such that
in search results from that point (i.e, after saving) on, the remote record will be "shadowed" by the local one, that is, remote master data sets for which a local copy is already available are not shown anymore to prevent double importing.

This remote database can be disabled and enabled on a tab page of the administration panel, where the address and access credentials for the remote database can be configured also.

22.10.07 19:41

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